Vision: For a sustainable well-being and a shared balance in the company

What can you do to reduce stress at work? 

Is it possible to avoid burnout in your teams early enough? 

How can you promote a balance between professional and personal life, while ensuring the economic and social balance of your organization?

Is it possible to implement a sustainable, innovative and efficient Quality of Work Life (QWL) and Health Prevention approach to your organisation ? 

Ekipoz has developed an innovative project and digital health solution to improve health, well-being and QWL. 

You will help your co-workers improve their response to situations of stress and change through a learning program and practices that support physical and mental health.


Why you should do something about stress in the workplace

What is stress at work ?

Stress is often considered as a negative phenomenon, when in reality it is necessary for the survival of our species. But where does work-related stress come from?

Stress is our body’s natural way of adapting to a task that must be performed or to face the dangers we encounter on a daily basis. In a work-related context, stress is useful in dealing with situations that require the mobilization of one’ s skills, for example during a job interview, a negotiation or a public presentation.

However, when stress is persistent, the balance is broken: stress becomes chronic and detrimental to one’s health.   Stress can show up through three types of symptoms:

The 3 symptoms of chronic stress

In order to reduce stress and improve health and well-being in the workplace Ekipoz has developed a hybrid, digital and customizable solution for companies to support their managers, co-workers and teams.

The Ekipoz approach uses health prevention strategies by combining immediate well-being and long term benefits on the overall health of your co-workers, while respecting and highlighting national and international health prevention recommendations. 

Chronic stress and its effects on the body are now well-known risk factors that can cause numerous diseases and pathologies. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes burnout as a work-related phenomenon requiring early attention.

High and chronic stress levels generally lead to an increase in absenteeism and cause harmful effects on the mental health of co-workers. Limiting the sources and intensity of stress in the workplace is one of the keys to improving the professional and personal balance of your co-workers.

How to improve the performance of an organization by improving stress management at work ? 

Likewise, improving stress management at work is just as useful for improving the overall performance of your organizations as well as maintaining a stable economy. The Ekipoz solution is hybrid, as it subtly combines digital and face-to-face services in a customized manner, in order to leverage the potential and strengths of these coaching methods.

Three main offers are at your company’s disposal and Ekipoz is at your side to identify the most appropriate combination for your organization and your teams’ needs, as well as for your budget.

Ekipoz values accessibility in all its components: time (at the right moment), place (wherever you are, on all territories) and budget (adaptation of the proposals to your economic balance).


Work-life balance: an individual issue for the co-worker and a collective issue for the manager

The subject of stress, especially at work, often tends to be poorly considered or even underestimated. Stress at work truly is a taboo subject!

How to reduce work related stress ? Lifting the taboo

By supporting projects of change and improvement of organizations, Ekipoz wishes to act in parallel to prevent and, if necessary, reduce work related stress, or the discomfort and tensions that are sometimes palpable in many departments/ team units. Ekipoz wishes to provide help and support, because it is absolutely necessary to lift this taboo of stress at work!

Addressing the work-life balance issue at work would help to lift this taboo as it covers both individual and collective aspects. 

Work-life balance is a very fragile subject. 1 person out of 4 has real difficulties in maintaining this balance, which considerably increases the mental load, and therefore generates harmful and chronic stress.

The work-life balance is particularly complex for people in a caregiver situation. 1 out of 2 employees is a caregiver to their loved ones. 57% of caregivers are women, and it is important to take into account that caregivers have very little time (and energy) to take care of themselves. 31% of caregivers neglect their health. Are we taking enough care of them?We understand that balance is the key to well-being. However, reconciling professional and personal life is a challenge, especially with the new constraints of teleworking.

“The performance of your organization depends on the well-being of your teams!”

A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research identifies three factors that are significantly associated with an increase in the prevalence of psychological disorders among working people:

  1. Low support from supervisors regarding work-life balance,
  2. An age below 40 years old
  3. And a higher number stressors in the family and at home 

Encouraging social support from colleagues and superiors could protect psychological health and promote well-being at work.

These poles of balance would then induce a virtuous circle and would be beneficial for the balance of your organization.

On an individual level, via the mobile app or via individual coaching offers, Ekipoz invites your teams to individually strengthen three poles of balance: 

  1. Relaxation and calm, by offering short and diversified workshops.
  2. Improvement of your relationship with time and the management of priorities, and thus making time your ally. 
  3. Improvement of self-esteem and confidence, by promoting relationships at work. 
3 poles of balance


Well-being at work and management

Ekipoz provides a thorough solution covering individual needs in terms of prevention and support in a well-being approach, as well as a collective solution through a sustainable Human Resources (HR) and Quality of Life at Work (QWL) approach, in connection with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Why set up a Quality of Life at Work (QWL) or Quality of Life at Telework (QWLT) approach?

Adapting the frequency of meetings, communicating transparently, restoring work groups, developing areas for progress, formalizing what may have been set up in a hurry, such as teleworking for example : all of this tends to improve the Quality of Life at Work or the Quality of Life at Telework.

“The QWL is an integral part of the process of change and improvement of well-being at work and management. It is imperative to move from a risk prevention approach to a true promotion of QWL.”

The detection and management of people in situations of intense stress are often too late and difficult for companies to identify. As for the solutions that are suggested, they are too little varied and often collective, when the problem is also individual.

Taking care of the group is good for the organization’s performance. The returns on investment of QWL initiatives are very attractive, between 4 and 8 times higher than the initial investment. QWL actions can have an impact on the individual well-being of co-workers and encourage presenteeism and team commitment.

Your manager brand is also boosted because the attraction of talents – particularly sensitive to a “real well-being at work” – and the loyalty of your teams are increased tenfold.

Foosball : 3.0 or how to go beyond QWL gadgets?

While the words “suffering at work” and “psychosocial risks” are real and serious problems at work, approaches that focus excessively on joy or happiness at work should be approached with caution. Acting superficially on stress and ill-being at work can be detrimental in the long run. Whether it is foosball tables, nap rooms, or even “happy managers”, all these devices – even if taken individually can bring comfort, help and promote well-being – can reinforce ill-being due to an insufficiently balanced approach. It is therefore essential to question and act on the root causes to suggest real well-being improvements, in conjunction with the teams involved. 


How to set up a sustainable QWL and health prevention approach that is best suited to the needs of the organization?

That’s where Ekipoz comes in!

Ekipoz helps your co-workers to set up breaks that are

  • Regular and short (a few minutes are often enough)

    Regular and short (a few minutes are often enough)

  • Utiles “pour soi” (sa détente, son bien-être, son énergie)

    Useful, "for yourself" (relaxation, well-being, energy)

  • Useful for others in the professional sphere (team, colleagues, hierarchy...) and in the private sphere (families, friends...) as well as being adapted to the needs of each person because they are customizable (relaxation reinforcement, time management...)

    Useful for others in the professional sphere (team, colleagues, hierarchy...) and in the private sphere (families, friends...) as well as being adapted to the needs of each person because they are customizable (relaxation reinforcement, time management...)

But Ekipoz also helps your teams develop work and life balance and equips them with tools to :

  • Personal and internal well-being
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Improve stress levels by reducing “bad stress” and learn how to use the “good stress” (the “friendly stress”)
  • Learn how to use tools and techniques that will reinforce life balance. 

And since managers and executives have a key role to play as exemplary leaders, Ekipoz provides them with tailored support! Between customized advice and coaching, Ekipoz helps managers and HR departments in their QWL and CSR approach. Find out everything you need to know about all our offers !


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