Our ethics ? To promote and accompany the well-being and health of people in a sustainable way.

Ekipoz is a young and Innovative company with ethics. This is a strong and assertive choice, written into the company’s statutes. Research and Development are also part of Ekipoz’s DNA. 

Our solutions and services evolve constantly through research, development, actions and interventions which are entirely part of Ekipoz’s DNA. We thus work with scientific partners, startups as well as patients and citizen representatives. 

Ekipoz’s ethics is to “Promote and improve people’s wellbeing and health in the long term”. This is done through the development of work-life balance, the improvement of wellbeing for the benefit of health and in order to avoid situations of burnout, depression,  a lack of motivation at work, absenteeism… And this, whether in one’s personal or professional life. 

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Moreover, Ekipoz wishes to promote the well-being and health for all people in the corporate environment by providing a hybrid platform combining digital and face-to-face training.


Why and how do you promote health and wellbeing at work ?

Well-being can be defined as “a pleasant state resulting from the satisfaction of the body’s needs and the calmness of the mind”. To achieve a state of well-being, several factors come into play, especially when our environment is not favorable to calm. 

Ekipoz wishes to help your teams improve their sense of calm, in order to take care of their wellbeing, and their overall health in the long run.

One of Ekipoz’s main offers is to accompany your teams in their Quality of Work Life (QWL) approach. Ekipoz has developed several methods to help improve well-being in the company. 

For example, Ekipoz can help your organisation implement short, daily breaks that improve the individual and societal balance of your company. 

Breaks are beneficial for the health of your teams, so Ekipoz supports your organization with its mobile application and makes your QWL approach easier, more personalized and accessible. 

Ekipoz is committed to improving the health of individuals as well as that of companies. 

Our Mobile App


A tool for improving your organization’s health prevention and wellbeing.

It is important for us to help you make the best choices for your organization and to help you involve your teams. Ekipoz firmly believes that in order for us to keep our promises to help you reach your QWL and CSR goal, we must give you the right tools. 

Ekipoz is your managerial and organizational tool, your workplace well-being indicator, and your strategic aid. Thanks to Ekipoz, making managerial decisions that improve QWL has never been so easy!

Whether it is a large organization (company or association), or a small to medium-sized company, Ekipoz is committed to helping everyone.

Our vision


Making an impact and developing CSR

For Ekipoz, it is also essential to support your organization in improving its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues and challenges. 

By cross-referencing the information from our analysis and proposing a personalized approach to your company, we focus on these CSR issues in order to produce impact.

Prepare and support change in a calm and sustainable way


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