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Thanks to its partners, Ekipoz is able to take actions in the field of health prevention and complete its offer for health care professional, institutions, patients, patient representatives and caregivers

#ASM Vitalité: for health prevention through physical activity, the fight against sedentary lifestyles, musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and individual or group sports coaching

ASM Vitalité, is an expert in health and wellness sports. They offer a multimodal solution for accessible, fun, customized and sustainable physical activity, for the benefit of individual health and collective vitality. The multidisciplinary team of ASM Vitalité has developed an innovative offer for companies, health actors and individuals: ‘Oxygen’ rooms in companies, prevention of MSD and fight against sedentary lifestyle, physical condition assessments, awareness days, support to resume activity….

ASM vitalité

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#SportDiet: for diet and nutrition

With its experience in nutritional support for athletes, Sportdiet has built its method of dietary monitoring in the form of nutritional training : sequences of exercises and practical advice to choose a real and sustainable healthy diet. Nutrition is always a multifactorial subject: emotional, educational, cultural, medical, logistical… a systemic approach is essential and made possible thanks to the complementarity of expertise. 

#Anthesis Consulting: for the study and implementation of health innovations in territories.

Anthesis consulting is a firm specialized in the definition, implementation and evaluation of innovative health programs in the territories and in the support of change and transformations related to organizational evolutions linked to digital technology. Anthesis is involved in the development of Health Livings Labs, Territorial Health projects and in supporting the change of digital health programs.

#Santexium Consulting: for the study and integration of digital devices in health and e-health

Santexium consulting is a consulting firm specialized in the strategy and development of digital health. Santexium accompanies national projects in digital health. Through the Facility Hub by Santexium – an incubator beyond the walls – Santexium intervenes with startups of the Health ecosystem in the definition of offers, economic models and use cases.

Ekipoz is a member of Lab RH, the collaborative ecosystem for innovation in Human Resources.

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