How to promote well-being at work: Ekipoz’s Key concepts

In the very core of Ekipoz, health and wellbeing approaches are meant to be durable and in favor of individual and collective balance. 

Ekipoz has created unique concepts that are integrated fully into our offers.

In the very core of Ekipoz, health and wellbeing approaches are meant to be durable and in favor of individual and collective balance. 

Ekipoz has created unique concepts that are integrated fully into our offers.


Preventive health care that promotes well-being

When it comes to promoting preventive health care, it is essential that people support and participate in an approach and lifestyle that is beneficial to their health in the long term.  

Among the international recommendations, the issues of diet, physical activity and the fight against sedentary lifestyles, stress, sleep and addictions (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, sugar, etc.) are all part of health prevention.

Health prevention

A lifestyle change ? 

They often clash with a modern, sedentary lifestyle that is far removed from nature (highly processed foods, etc.). 

Changing one’s lifestyle requires an initial awareness and then a commitment.

This commitment is not self-evident and is usually not maintained when the first difficulties occur, even when the benefits of a new lifestyle are clear and understood. The changes necessary for a better lifestyle are often considered too “expensive” in terms of energy and motivation in the long-term.

Ekipoz is particularly keen to help you take this new step. We measure the efforts and want to support and encourage them. 

This is why we are developing an environment and a solution focused on a ” well-being ” that provides for an  effective and lasting health prevention.


Balance at work for co-workers

Improving the well-being of one’ s co-workers is a necessity and an obligation for managers, in terms of health and safety at work.

Avoiding and preventing suffering at work is an obligation and responsibility of the organization and of the Human Resources (HR) Department. Ekipoz offers solutions and a specific program that not only aims at preventing suffering at work, but also at developing well-being in a longer term perspective for health.

Ekipoz therefore aims at developing and supporting balance in the workplace, whether individually or collectively, by adapting to corporate culture, its organization and its values.

While still focusing on the individual balance of the person, we aim to make it possible to achieve economic, social and societal balance. 

A solution for balance


Why are breaks at work important ? “Eki pauses” or balanced breaks, are useful, short and efficient in the long term

A concept at the very heart of Ekipoz are the “pauses” or breaks which aim to reach that same goal that is balance, whether collectively or individually. 

Ekipoz wishes to make breaks a useful and efficient tool to your co-workers. We especially wish to promote and help your organisation implement short and beneficial breaks that will help your co-workers’ immediate well-being, and their overall health in the long term.

Overall, “Eki-pauses” are breaks that help the individual and collective balance of life. These breaks are very beneficial for the productivity and quality of work in your organisation. 

Eki-pauses are short. You only need 3 to 5 minutes; However, regularity as well as repetition of the breaks is actually the key to improving your overall well-being.


How can you balance stress ? The 3 poles for balancing your stress

It is important for us to help you prevent and reduce work related stress but also stress that stems from your daily life. 

“Managing stress” first means trying to balance your stress levels. Stress is actually useful as it is a psychological mechanism to face a difficult situation, unlike “bad stress”, which is nothing but useless tension, weariness, annoyance, and irritation.

The Ekipoz program actually encourages the use of “de-stressors”. De-stressors include anything that helps reduce “negative” stress or “bad stress”, and reduce the “stressors” which are all the factors that induce stress. 

This balance can be managed thanks to 3 poles that are to be reinforced:

  • calm and relaxation,

    calm and relaxation,

  • self-esteem and relationships

    self-esteem and relationships

  • management of time and priorities.

    management of time and priorities.

Within the Ekipoz mobile app, “A pause for balance”, the Eki-pauses are going to reinforce these 3 poles in a useful and personalized way.


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