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“Our workshops, coupled with our mobile app and key recommendations, will support you and your organization throughout your QWL, health and well-being approach.”

Consulting Offer : Prepare and support change in a calm and sustainable way

Our Consulting Offer prepares and supports your organisation in its projects of transformation in a sustainable way. Coupled with a Digital Solution (Mobile App), our Consulting Offer takes into account your teams’ well-being and its human potential. 

You can benefit from a customized analysis of your organization as well as our research for a fully customized solution plan, one that is adapted to the contexts of your organization. Our goal ? To create a positive and benevolent change dynamic.

Health & QWL prevention co-design workshops

Thanks to our innovative and customizable offers, you can create your own solution, according to the needs of your collaborators on subjects such as QWL or well being at work. We offer workshops that can be 100% digitally performed, and that are based on individual or group activities. It all depends on the personal background of each person and the topics to be addressed.

A mobile app.

The Ekipoz App is your company’s must-have wellbeing partner. As it is a major asset in the management of stress and anxiety at work, your collaborators will have access to 100% personalized relaxation breaks.