By Dr Juliette Hazart Chronic stress is now a recognized risk factor for many diseases. It also leads to an increase in individual behaviors which are also risk factors for many diseases, such as:unhealthy diet,lack of physical activity,increase in sedentary lifestyle,consumption of tobacco, alcohol, cannabis…Learning how to manage stress is the first step towards breaking that vicious circle. So what are the key tools to managing stress ? Diet In the 5th century BC, Au Vème siècle av. JC, Hippocrates, a Greek physician, already recognized the health benefits of a good diet: “May your diet be your first medicine”. In having a varied diet, favouring produce that is local, fresh and in season, provides your body with the right vitamins, minerals and trace elements.  Stress can lead to snacking with an appetite for sweet or fatty foods. Going on a food shop after having eaten, preparing your own meals, favoring low fat cooking methods (e.g steaming), playing with seasoning, respecting your biological clock by having regular meal times allows you to limit your intake of empty calories (1) and your weight

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